Boarding & Daycare


Yippee!  Going to Dogie Daycare 


Its Okay you will love this dogie daycare....


Catch me if you can 

Outdoor Play Area 

for the pup that loves the fresh air. 

Sitting for Treats

Tag your it...

Happy Day!

Sitting for Treats


Rest Time

Welcome to Four Paws Bed & Bath.
Welcome to Four Paws Bed & Bath.

nappy time after all the play time.
nappy time after all the play time.

Rest Time

Indoor Daycare room so your dog comes home dry!
Doggie Daycare
Tired of coming home to a torn up house with that new puppy, young teenage pet, or pet with separation anxiety?
Then our daycare is what you are looking for. 
Cots are provided for a little nap time if desired.
Big Screen TV with Animal Planet, outdoor play area and plenty of toys to play with. Its like a home away from home. A great place to let your pet run off some of that excess energy and get a chance to socialize with other dogs. All pets are closely supervised and cared for.
 Full Day - $ 13.00
  Half Day - $8.00 

Bring your pets in on their birthday and  receive free  daycare.



Professional caretakers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!